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Contact Information
For information about the Scottish Rite, or how to join,
Please contact one of the following;

Executive Secretary

John T. Sees, 32º
(231) 715-6948

Membership Chairmen
Bill Vaillancourt, 32°

ey Ambassador
Sam Wilcenski, 32°

Valley Ambassador
Bill Vaillancourt, 32°


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Valley of Traverse City

For the Degrees conferred by the Valley Traverse City;
Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix

Valley of Grand Rapids
For the Degrees conferred by the Valley of Grand Rapids
Valley of Grand Rapids
(Consistory Only 19° - 32°)

Valley of Detroit
For the Degrees conferred by the Valley of Detroit
(4° - 32°)

Valley of Bay City
For the Degrees conferred by the Valley of Bay City
(4° - 32°)


Lodge of Perfection
4º- 14º

The Degrees of the Lodge of Perfection are known as the "Ineffable Degrees" because their principle purposes are to investigate and contemplate the ineffable names of, and reverence for, The Grand Architect of the Universe.

  4º - Master Traveler
  5º - Perfect Master
  6º - Master of the Brazen Serpent
  7º - Provost and Judge
  8º - Intendant of the Building
  9º - Master of the Temple
10º - Master Elect
11º - Sublime Master Elected
12º - Master of Mercy
13º - Master of the Ninth Arch
14º - Grand Elect Mason

Council of Princes of Jerusalem
15º- 16º

These two "Historical Degrees" deal with the persons and events connected to the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel,
 the return of the captives to Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the Temple.

15º- Knight of the East
16º- Prince of Jerusalem

Chapter of Rose Croix
  17º- 18º

The "Philosophical Degrees" of Rose Croix at set withing the Christian era, but without a specified date.
The message is a Universal one of tolerance and respect.
Their fellowship is to include all men who believe in one, singular Supreme Being,
 regardless of an individual's nationality, race, creed or particular religion.

17º- Knight of the East and West
18º- Knight of Rose Croix

  19º- 32º

Fourteen "Chivalric Degrees" are conferred in a Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret.
Each Degree dramatizes unique and independent lessons.
ertain degrees teach the ultimate victory of good over evil, or the dignity of labor, the sacredness of duty,
and unselfish service, as the test of one's self-worth and/or character.
A mason is taught that he must be righteous if he aspires to properly influence others,
and that he should listen, with open mind, to the lessons of the ages.

19º- Grand Pontiff
20º- Master Ad Vitam
21º- Partriarch Noachite
22º- Prince of Nabanus
23º- Knight of Valor
24º- Brother of the Forest
25º- Master of Achievement
26º- Friend and Brother Eternal
27º- Knight of Jerusalem
28º- Knight of the Sun
29º- Knight of St. Andrew
30º- Grand Inspector
31º- Knight Aspirant
32º- Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret  (S.P.R.S.)

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